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Friday, January 27, 2017

How do I take care of my skin during winter!

Sandhy's beauty hub

There are lots of ways you can try to take care of your skin during winter. The most common problem is that Skin Dryness in winter. Suggested: Natural remedies for Skin Care

What to try to avoid dryness ? (Sourcehttps://www.youtube.com/SandhysNaturalRemediesbeautyhub)
Here are few things smartly you can do to avoid skin damage.
1. Cover your skin with cloths, like you can use Scarfs, Hand gloves, Coats, Full Length dresses to avoid skin expose to the cold.
2. Avoid using hot water, use lukewarm water instead.
3. Use moisturizer to reduce skin dryness.DIY: Skin Moisturiser
4. Drinking plenty of water can make your skin healthy.
5. Before going to bed massage your body with Almond oil or Olive oil. It nourishes skin by making it healthy.
6. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.
7. Exfoliate your skin thrice in a week.
8. Apply home made natural remedy for a glowing skin.
9. Shampoo your hair with anti dandruff shampoo. Total Hair care

Excellent Tips to Avoid Skin Dryness in This Winter https://youtu.be/tP5nVoVLkt8

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